I'm an artist and educator living in Roslindale, MA. I can’t remember not being a maker and artist. Creating visual art has been a constant thread from childhood, a practice of mindful awareness and pleasure woven into everything I do.

I’m a lifelong New Englander, and Boston—my city—has been home all my adult life. New England’s land- and cityscapes, flora, fauna, and culture underpin all my work.

For many years, I was primarily a watercolorist. A few years ago, I began creating images with paper itself, layering painted and found papers into small, representational works. More recently, texture and shape that began to rise from the surfaces of my work with layered paper have now leapt into full 3-dimensional form, and I am applying all that I have learned and explored to constructing pulp, 
papier-mâché, and layered-paper sculptures, from the abstract to the fanciful.

I also facilitate retreats and other programs that provide opportunities for personal reflection and renewal. I invite you to learn more about this work at Courage & Renewal Northeast